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Dr. Roger Aeschbacher, pr and communication for science

since 2011
Multiple activitiess
Roger Aeschbacher worked for several national and international companies in the Life Sciences. Activities included contractor work and project work in the area of science and medical communication, as well as branding and marketing.

Scientific brochure
For an existing customer, we wrote a scientific brochure.

External expert
Roger Aeschbacher was selected as an expert for reviewing several Bachelor theses at Hochschule Luzern.

Coaching for Job Interviews
Roger Aeschbacher gave several coachings for academics. They are supported in their job application process through coaching for job interviews.

Mandate in External Communication
aeschbacher consulting completed the first phase of a mandate for an external communication project.

Application brochures for machinery
We have authored several application brochures for technical items of a swiss company.

Mandate in External Communication
Dr. Roger Aeschbacher will be active as a communication consultant and author in an external communication project. aeschbacher consulting will provide its services as subcontractor.

New application notes
We have authored several new application brochures for a medium sized company in the sample technology field..

Application notes for a new customrer
We acquired a new customer. We will write application notes for instruments of this medium sized enterprise.

Concepts for flyers for new customer
We have developed a concept for and wrote examples of flyers for a educational program. The customer is a Swiss organization.

Brochure for patient information
aeschbacher consulting got a new customer in the field of medical writing. We will write a patient information brochure on a lead drug for a small pharmaceutical company.

Additional new customer for medical writing
aeschbacher consulting received a first order from a new customer to write the proceedings of a congress. The company is a medium-sized Swiss pharmaceutical company.

Support for Medical Writing
aeschbacher consulting was selected by a new customer to write congress proceedings, publications, as well as scientific reviews. "

Course Networking
Together with Gary O. Martini, Roger Aeschbacher gave four courses on networking. The courses teach theoretical and practical aspects of networking and include a hands-on networking session. During 2010, six courses will be held in the scope of the BNF qualification program for the University of Berne.

Content Production
aeschbacher consulting generated content for a factsheet of a pharma-product. In addition, the content for a powerpoint presentation of the same product was defined. Additional communication services are currently under way.

Coaching to improve Self-PR
Roger Aeschbacher gave several coachings for academics. The coachings supported participants of the BNF-program of the University Bern in their self-PR by providing support in positioning and by giving expert advice in writing convincing resumes.

7 years aeschbacher consulting
On Jan 15th, 2003, exactly 7 years ago, aeschbacher consulting was established. Since then, we had the honor to serve small local as well as large global companies. We would like to thank all our customers for the smooth collaboration and their trust in our company. Your loyalty spurs our committment to continue to serve you with excellent communication and medical marketing services.

Scientific translations from English to German
Roger Aeschbacher translated several modes of instruction from English or French into German. The customer was a medical devices company from the French speaking part of Switzerland.

"Sprechtexten zum Bild"
Roger Aeschbacher took the two-day-course "Sprechtexten zum Bild" at the education center of the Swiss National TV SFDRS. The course was held by Stephan Klapproth and Eberhard Wolf. It teaches how to find stories and how to write and edit the commentary of video sequences.

21.6. 2009
Medical Reviews
Roger Aeschbacher wrote two literature studies on two pharmaceutical products for a Swiss company. Additional scientific literature reviews are already being prepared.

Reorders from existing customers
aeschbacher consulting has received several reorders from existing customers. They include the reformulation of existing communication concepts as well as science and medical writing for several communication instruments.

PR-consulting for a globally actice SME
aeschbacher consulting consulted a Swiss SME, active in process engineering, on a strategy for public relations. This included the joint evaluation of the market situation, the deduction of a SWOT analysis, and the identification of unique selling propositions. The consulting was done in the form of a workshop with preparative analyses and a review.

BioValley Stammtisch with aeschbacher consulting
Roger Aeschbacher will give a talk at the BioValley Stammtisch on February 16th. Further speakers are Martin Hicklin (BaZ) and Baschi Dürr (Farner PR). The Apéro will be sponsered by aeschbacher consulting and Farner PR. Find more information about this event under this link.

Book "Maximale Innovation" available
Roger Aeschbachers book "Maximale Innovation - durch Management by Conversation" can now be ordered at the Verlag Rüegger. Make yourself a present for Christmas. Order the book now, before the first edition is sold out. Find more information about the book under this link.

How to brand through text and pictures
Roger Aeschbacher gave a 30-minutes presentation on "How to brand through text and pictures" at an SBA Event. The Powerpoint presentation of his talk can be viewed under this link.

Event on Communication
On November 14th, a one-day-event on communication will take place at the museum for communication in Berne. It is organized by the Swiss Biotech Association. Roger Aeschbacher will give a presentation and talk about communication concepts. Find the detailed program under this link.

Maximale Innovation
Roger Aeschbacher wrote the book "Maximale Innovation" (or how to innovate more through Management by Conversation). The book is published by "Verlag Rüegger" and will be available in bookstores shortly.

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung
Roger Aeschbacher wrote an article for the "Feuilleton" of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung FAZ.

Several summaries and translations
Roger Aeschbacher wrote several summaries (3-4 pages each) of extensive research reports. Some reports were translated from German to Englisch and vice versa.

Panel discussion on "the war on talent"
Roger Aeschbacher organized and moderated the panel discussion "Headhunters and your career". Guests were Vivan Gloor (gloor & lang) and Zaki Sellam (Stamford Consultants). About 90 students of the Bio- and Pharmacenter and of the University of Basel attended this event. They obtained tips and tricks for their job hunting and career development. The experts also shared their view on the current job situation in the pharmaceutical industry

Two new customers
aeschbacher consulting has delivered specific PR and communication services for two novel customers of the Life Sciences Industry.

5 Year Anniversary
aeschbacher consulting has been supporting you in PR and communication for the Life Sciences for 5 years today. We wish to thank all our customers for this magnificient success. Your satisfaction and loyalty is our motivation to continue to surprise you with perfect services.

Powerful Presentations
Do your Powerpoint-presentations work? Do you get your key messages across? We help you improve both form and content of your material. You can rely on our knowledge in the Life Sciences and Art to optimize your presentations. See an example of how we help you to prepare powerful presentation under this link.

Newsletter for Novartis Animal Health
aeschbacher consulting layouted, wrote and edited an internal newsletter for Novartis Animal Health for over a year. This newsletter chaperoned the introduction of an important software and was continued beyond the official end of the project.

Strategic Network
aeschbacher consulting is strengthening the strategic network through an intended closer collaboration with Dr. Hans Balmer AG, Advertizing und Public Relations, Olten.

Reference from CIMEX AG
Dr. Manuel Heim, Head of Medicine, CIMEX AG: „Aeschbacher consulting researches and writes excellent articles for us. The tasks are executed extremely fast and precise. We appreciate the smooth collaboration very much.“

Clinical Reviews und Medical Writing
aeschbacher consulting reviewed the current scientific literature on several active ingredients and wrote several overviews (Clinical Reviews) for CIMEX AG.

Newsletter for Novartis Animal Health
For exactly one year, aeschbacher consulting has been writing a Newsletter for Novartis Animal Health Inc. To date, six issues have been released. The Newspaper is chaperoning an internal project by providing background information and news and views. Aeschbacher consulting had designed the newsletter and writes it in English.

Novel Customer in Science Writing
Aeschbacher consulting wrote an article for Berna Biotech AG. Berna Biotech is planning to entrust aeschbacher consulting with selected tasks in the area of science writing also in future.

Novel customer in Medical Writing
Aeschbacher consulting won CIMEX AG as novel customer. We will perform specific tasks in the field of medical writing for this company.

aeschbacher consulting won a globally active large pharmaceutical company as new customer. aeschbacher consulting is performing ghost and science writing tasks for this foreign company.

Communication concept and redesign for biotechnet
aeschbacher consulting has developed a new communication concept for the biotechnet Switzerland . In addition, the redesign of the homepage was developed and implemented together with the "Büro für Kommunikationsdesign". Ursula Graf from biotechnet comments: "The executive board is thrilled by the new CI and highly confident that the improved branding will be very successful. The new CI of the biotechnet can be viewed under this link.

New Publications
Dr. Aeschbacher wrote four articles for an internal magazine of Novartis Pharma Development, Basel.

Micro- and Nanotechnologies in Switzerland
aeschbacher consulting conducted several interviews with high-caliber entrepreneurs in collaboration with APTE Assocation. Statements from the interviews have now been published in a SECO(Location Switzerland)-brochure entitled "Micro- and Nanotechnologies in Switzerland"

Selected News from the archive:

New Customer: Novartis Animal Health
Novartis Animal Health has become a new customer of aeschbacher consulting in the area of communication.

New Customer
Elchrom Scientific AG entrusted aeschbacher consulting with several communication tasks.

Speech for Cantonal Councillor
Dr. Roger Aeschbacher wrote a speech in English for a cantonal councillor. The topic was the importance and the development of the Swiss biotechnological industry.

Marketing Analysis and Product Strategy
aeschbacher consulting and MTT AG were establishing a marketing analysis and international implementation strategy for a high-tech innovation. The client is a Swiss holding company.

Dr. Roger Aeschbacher wrote a speech on innovation, technology transfer and research and development for a Swiss executive politician. Statements from this speech were published in the daily newspapers.

Interview with Joseph Deiss / Swiss Economic Forum
The interview, which Roger Aeschbacher held with Federal President Joseph Deiss now appeared in the Biotech-Magazine BioWorld (01/2004). It can be accessed under our Download Section. There you will find also an accompanying artivle about the Swiss Economic Forum event, where the interview took place. (Both articles are in german.)